Episode 60 – Where Canada’s Political Parties Stand on Immigration in 2021, with Chantal Desloges

A discussion of the 2021 immigration platforms of the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, Greens, Bloc Quebecois and the People’s Party of Canada.

Chantal Desloges is the Founder and Senior Partner of Desloges Law Group.

Episode 59 – Authorization to Work Without a Work Permit, with Cristina Guida

Cristina Guida is a senior associate lawyer with Green and Spiegel LLP in Toronto.

We discuss authorization to work in Canada without a work permit, including business visitors, students, perfroming artists, maintained status, the global skills strategy and other categories. We also discuss what Canada’s immigration department continues to be “work.”

Episode 58 – Myths About Canadian Immigration Law, with Marina Sedai

Marina Sedai is an immigration lawyer and the past National Chair of the Canadian Bar Association Immigration Section, a role that she served in from 2018 – 2019, and is also a past provincial char of the CBABC Immigration Law Section.

We discuss various myths about Canadian immigration law, including:

  • Refugees get more financial help than pensioners.
  • Foreign nationals immigrate and then bring their whole extended family over.
  • If including your spouse or common-law partner on your permanent resident application is inconvenient or unhelpful to your immigration process then you can exclude them and later sponsor them.
  • Volunteering isn’t work.
  • If my kid is born in Canada then my H&C application is guaranteed to succeed.

Episode 57 – Mandamus Applications, with Adrienne Smith

We discuss how mandamus applications work. Adrienne Smith is a Partner at Battista Smith Migration Law Group.

2:00 Does filing mandamus applications annoy Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada? 

5:30 Has there been a change in the frequency with which mandamus applications are considered? 

13:30 During COVID-19 is there a difference in filing a mandamus application between online and paper applications? 

18:00 What is a mandamus application? 

26:00 What is the legal test for a mandamus application? 

49:00 During COVID-19 when a visa office is largely close