#52 – Ranking Economic Immigrants and Listener Q&A, with Asha Kaushal

A discussion of the philosophy behind economic immigration, how Canada ranks economic immigrants, Ministerial Instructions and listener Q&A.

Ashal Kaushal is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia’s Allard School of Law, where she teaches, amongst other courses, Immigration Law.

6:00 An introduction to Canada’s points system, how Express Entry changed it and Ministerial Instructions.

14:30 The three models of economic immigration. The Human Capital Model, the Demand-Driven Model and the Neo-Corporatist Model

22:00 How the same job offer can be worth different points depending on the immigration program.

28:30 Is it possible to qualify the value of a prospective economic immigrant through their job?

32:00 Why are the points what they are? Why would a job offer go from 600 to 200 / 50, for example? How did the change from Conservative to Liberal government change?

37:30 A ranking system based on wage.

44:00 Ministerial Instructions

Listener Questions

55:30 How long will Express Entry last before they bring in a whole new system?

1:00 Should there be country caps on economic immigration? Will India remain the top source country of immigrants?

1:06 What, if anything, should be done about how the federal and provincial governments have economic immigration programs that target the same “high skilled” people?

1:16 Should Canada bring back the Immigrant Investor Program?

1:24 If you could make one change to Express Entry or economic immigration what would it be?

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