#99 – When will Express Entry Points Decrease, with Amandeep Hayer

Amandeep Hayer is the founder of Hayer Law, a Vancouver immigration law firm.

The Express Entry points requirement is currently higher than it has ever been. In this episode we discuss when they are likely to decrease.

We also discuss a recent Ontario court decision which struck down Canada’s two generation limit on citizenship by descent.

Finally, Steve recently listened to a podcast which stated that the following are five signs that a lawyer is not taking their practice seriously. They are: (1) the lawyer answers their own phone rather than having calls go through a receptionist, (2) they use a non-professional e-mail account like gmail, (3) they meet potential clients at coffee shops, (4) they lower their fees when pressured, and (5) they have many practice areas. We also discuss not having a website, Law Society sanctions and Google reviews.

00:00 – Introduction and Express Entry

28:00 – Ontario decision striking down citizenship by descent limitation

37:00 – Are these signs that a lawyer is not taking their practice seriously?

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