Episode 48 – Responding to Procedural Fairness Letters, with Raj Sharma

A discussion about responding to procedural fairness letters with digressions on possible bias against people from Punjab, unreasonable documentation requests, tunnel vision amongst visa officers, how if an officer goes out looking for misrepresentation in an application they will probably find it, aggressively banning people from Canada as a deterrance policy, IRCC misleading Parliament about whether it bounces applications for incompleteness and more. Raj Sharma is a Partner at Stewart Sharma Harsanyi in Calgary. He can be found on Twitter @immlawyercanada. 
2:30 When does IRCC have to send a procedural fairness letter vs. being able to refuse an application without one?
15:00 Specific issues with the Canadian visa offices in New Delhi and Chandigarh.
21:00 Racialized assessments of visa applications.
23:00 Why hunting for misrep can lead to misrep findings.
25:00 Misrepresentation as a deterrence policy.
35:00 Is there a specific focus on Punjabs?
44:00 Can you tell if someone is lying as soon as you meet them at the start of an interview?
46:00 Preet Bharara on investigations
50:00 When IRCC believes that a job is fake because no employer would wait as long as IRCC’s processing times to fill a position.
1:00 Procedural fairness letters in the citizenship revocation process.
1:06 Litigation as a way to achieve policy reform.
1:15 Procedural fairness and the bouncing of applications.

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