Episode #68 – The Economic Pros and Cons of Canadian Immigration, with Mikal Skuterud

Mikal Skuterud is a professor of economics at the University of Waterloo. The paper on TR-to-PR transition rates can be found here: www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/en/catalogu…01202200100002. The paper on outmigration can be found here: www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/11f0019…012340-eng.htm.
3:00 – Does Canada economically need high immigration levels because of low-birth rights?
6:00 Is it short sighted from an economic perspective to focus on labour market needs and the wishes of people to have their parents live with them?
9:00 Is there a way to measure whether economic immigrants are increasing or decreasing GDP per capita?
19:00 What role should immigration play in resolving short-term labour shortages?
32:00 What would be the economic consequence if all foreign workers became permanent residents?
42:00 Is there data to support the notion that international students perform better economically in Canada?
53:00 How does the concept of utility play into macroeconomic planning in the context of immigration?
60:00 The economic integration of immigrants.
67:00 How should the CRS be re-weighted?
1:18:00 Is Canada becoming too reliant on immigrants propping up housing to support the Canadian economy?

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