Episode #79 – Recapping 2022 and Predictions for 2023 in Canadian Immigration Law, with Tamara Mosher Kuczer

Tamara Mosher Kuczer is the Founder & Principal Lawyer of Lighthouse Immigration Law Professional Corporation. She can be found on Twitter @ttrrmk. 5:00 How would you summarize 2022 for Canadian immigration? 13:23 Favorite development in Canadian immigration law 25:00 Least favorite development in Canadian immigration 39:15 Favorite Federal Court decision 52:00 What should people watch the most in 2023 56:00 What might happen this year that people might not be expecting? 1:04 What will happen with the Self-Employed Class and Start-Up Visa Program? 1:09 Will Express Entry take under 6 months again and will there be a draw in the Parent & Grandparent Program? 1:12 Predictions for citizenship and abolishing PR Cards.

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