Episode #47 – Universal Basic Income and Canadian Immigration, with Sheila Regehr and Sameer Nurmohamed

This episode is about the concept of a universal basic income and how it would work in Canada. We are joined by Sheila Regehr and Sameer Nurmohamed of Basic Income Canada Network.

We discuss which type of immigrants (permanent residents, workers, students, asylum claimants, people without status) etc. would be eligible, whether a basic income would impact other public funding for services like legal aid, whether it would cause inflation, and more.

5:30 What are different models of universal basic income?

9:00 How is the amount of basic income calculated?

10:45 What was the Ontario pilot project?

12:45 In practice is there a difference between an income guarantee model and a flat-payment model?

14:30 Do wealthy people get the same payment and benefit under a universal basic income?

15:30 How would a universal basic income be funded?

23:45 Would a universal basic income replace other services like legal aid?

28:25 A review of Motion 46 – GUARANTEED LIVABLE BASIC INCOME

30:35 Would international students, foreign workers, permanent residents, asylum claimants, people without status, etc. be eligible to receive a universal basic income?

42:00 What would the labour market interaction be with a universal basic income in terms of its impact on wages?

45:00 Would immigrants abuse a universal basic income system?

47:30 How have the impacts of the CERB impacted peoples’ perspectives on how a universal basic income would work?

56:00 Would a guaranteed basic income cause inflation or people gauging marginalized individuals?

1:03 Where can people learn more?

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