Episode 63 – Artificial Intelligence Deciding Visa Applications, with Mario Bellissimo

A discussion about the increasing use of artificial intelligence to decide immigration applications.

Mario Bellissimo is a Canadian immigration lawyer in Toronto, and the former past Chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s National Immigration Law Section.

4:00 How imprecise wording in the forms can result in misrepresentation findings where immigration becomes a game of gotcha.

10:30 How the laws of procedural fairness and discretion will need to be re-written as a result of the implementation of artificial intelligence and predicative learning in immigration systems.

13:30 How using AI to triage applications is itself a form of automated decision making and why is there a lack of transparency about this?

19:25 The history of the introduction of AI at IRCC.

28:20 What is Chinook and ?

36:00 How processing delays can lead to applications being denied simply because they are moot.

39:00 How does one learn what AI is being used or whether a decision was made by AI?

44:45 If AI flags a file as being problematic does that create a proxy decision wherein a visa officer will want to affirm the AI.

1:03 AI as counsel

55:00 Is it possible that AI will lead to a better immigration system as the AI will be able to thoroughly scan applications that humans have to skim given the limited number of decision makers and the large number of applications.

1:13 The future. When AI analyzes the social media of a representative when assessing their client’s application.

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