Episode 64 – Artificial Intelligence Deciding Visa Applications, Part 2, with Aditya Mohan

Aditya is an AI Thought Leader, scientist, engineer and a VC/PE advisor with experience that spans more than 20 years. He has deep expertise in corporate innovation, product strategy, M&A, and international business development with focus on AI, cloud and edge computing. In addition, he has worked on AI policy and governance in the UK and the US, addressing issues of ethics, transparency, and immigration as it relates to national security.  He is the founder of Robometrics® Machines and Skive it®, where he is building machines that can feel, specifically on-edge Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that adds the element of safety, cognition, companionship, and emotional support to a host machine that is unique to you. As the Principal and CTO of Yingfluence, he has a unique perspective on building and scaling businesses cross-border.

We discuss the increasing use of artificial intelligence in Canadian immigration legislation, its benefits, and ways to increase transparency and oversight.

3:00 – What is artificial intelligence?

8:00 – What are deep learning systems?

14:00 – How does the use of artificial intelligence intersect with the rule of law?

21:00 – How do machines learn?

24:00 – Benefits of machine learning and immigration.

27:00 – Ways to improve transparency.

41:00 – Artificial intelligence providing reasons for refusals.

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