Episode #65 – AMA – Processing Delays, IRCC Transparency, AI, Family Class Issues and More

We took to Twitter to get listener questions for our first Ask Me Anything episode.


Will a gay refugee be deported if her sexuality changes?
Does Deanna have any insight or information into what is going on with caregiver applications?
Why are local visa offices not processing already approved express entry applications?
How do you think realistically IRCC should change their workflow and file processing?
Do we need to mention previous visa rejections in spousal sponsorship applications?
Why can spouses from visa exempt countries easily reunited with their loves ones in Canada while those who need visas cannot?
Why is there a particular hatred towards outland spousal apps?
What do you think about the IRCC’s local 3.5 workers to every 1 Canadian employed at the VO’s? Is this appropriate?
Why does artificial intelligence refuse so many applications?
Why is the IRCC so secretive?

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